Resource-oriented self-management:
How to make smart decisions and act successfully in a goal-oriented way

Why do we not succeed more often in making decisions in accordance with our individual personality and in achieving our goals in a self-determined, successful and sustainable way? In this respect, it is necessary to expand your decision-making scope and operational skills.

The lecture is based on the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM), an effective and scientifically proven method of self-management. The core of the model is a fun-orientated support of self-management, focused on your individual potential by

  • clarifying personal needs and motives,
  • discovering personal resources, appreciating them and using them
  • enunciating effective goals and
  • the specific preparation and performance of activities in everyday life.

Including a case study, practical exercises and the presentation of scientific experiments.

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Stress: Spice of life or dangerous health risk?

The biological stress program dates back to the prehistoric times of mankind. It prepares the organism to react to a dangerous situation with fight or flight, the body is programmed to move.

Nowadays, however, this evolutionary biological stress program has mostly lost its adaptive value for us. When we feel threatened, it is predominantly in performance-related or interpersonal situations, in which it is usually neither possible nor sensible to respond with a physical fight-or-flight reaction. Chronical stress is particularly problematic from a health point of view. It arises when stress continues for a long time or recurs repeatedly without phases of rest and recovery and when the energy provided in the body is not used up by movement.

The lecture will concentrate on the following topics:

  • stress – what is the actual meaning of the term?
  • the three levels of stress
  • the biological stress program and its consequences for your health
  • your stress emergency kit

Comes with a checklist for self-assessment.

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From victim to player: The three pillars of individual stress competence

Even if a situation feels hopeless: There is always a solution to stress in everyday live. There is always scope in order to deal with professional and private demands in a more relaxed and confident manner and thus in a healthier way. We just need to discover and actively use it.

Individual stress management is based on the three pillars of instrumental, mental and regenerative stress competence. The development of your personal stress competence in all three areas is of vital importance in order to find stability and security in yourself in the face of increasing psychosocial stress.

The lecture explains the three pillars of individual stress competence and four related strategies to each pillar.

With checklist for self-reflection.

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