“Individual development of your action potential”
Resource-oriented self-management

Would you like to make decisions in accordance with your individual personality and simultaneously act target oriented?

In this workshop we use the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM), an effective and scientifically proven method of self-management. The model is based on individual resources and describes in a structured process different stages that examine a project or intention, something you would like to achieve, until you are mobilized, motivated and activated to an extent that your wish becomes a clear goal which can be pursued with willpower and actively implemented into action.

Purpose of the workshop:
This workshop will accompany you through a process that gives you clarity, strength and confidence to realize your private and professional plans. It is intended as a guide for a DIY structure that will support you in acting increasingly the way you really want to.
You will

  • become clear about your own (life) issues,
  • build up motivation and decisiveness through attitude goals,
  • discover and activate your own resources,
  • learn methods that enable goal-oriented action and positive sustainable changes in behaviour.

This will lead to the development and expansion of your own self-management skills.

Workshop contents:

  • recognizing your own needs
  • two evaluation systems: synchronization of sense and sensibility
  • sensing and using somatic markers
  • letting unconscious processes work for you
  • building and using a personal resource pool
  • embodiment: The interplay between body and mind
  • restate actionable goals

Target groups:
Anyone seeking positive personal change

  • realizing good intentions
  • boosting resistance, stress management
  • handling private or professional decision situations
  • starting over
  • more self-determined decisions and living
  • increasing the quality of life and overall contentment

Time and place:
1-day workshop in the greater Munich area as well as nationwide as an in-house workshop for your employees at your company.

All dates on request.

Are you interested for yourself or your employees? Do you have any questions? Please call or send a message.

I will be glad to create a non-binding and individual offer.

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“Calm and confident under stress”
Recognize, understand and manage stress

Stress is one of the most important health risk factors we face today and it is a very complex and highly individualized condition. An overall understanding of these aspects is a necessary precondition for effective action.

We are not just victims of stressful circumstances to which we are helplessly exposed, but each individual has external and internal freedom, decision-making options and room for maneuver to take care of his or her own physical and mental well-being despite existing external burdens.

Workshop aims:
The aims of this scientifically based and successful program “Calm and Confident under Stress” according to Prof. Dr. Gert Kaluza are:

  • to reflect on your personal stress behavior and to show you different ways to cope
  • to motivate you in finding your individual way to a calm and healthy way of dealing with stress at work and in everyday life
  • to encourage you to recognize, use and maintain your freedoms.

Workshop content:

  • Instrumental stress competence: Building problem-solving and self-management skills for dealing with external stresses and demands in everyday professional and private life, such as time pressure, high workload, social conflicts, etc.
  • Mental stress competence: Becoming aware of your own stress-producing or stress-amplifying attitudes and evaluations and building stress-reducing beneficial attitudes and thought patterns.
  • Regenerative stress competence: Reducing physical and mental stress-induced agitation, building regenerative physical and mental stress-balancing activities to create long-term balance.

Target groups:

  • Employees in companies – from specialists to managers
  • people who already feel the first physical or mental signs of overload or exhaustion
  • and, of course, those who want to prevent damage in the first place and further develop their personal stress competence.

Time and place:
2-day workshop in the greater Munich area as well as nationwide as an in-house workshop at your company.

All dates on request.

The health promotion program “Calm and Confident under Stress” is certified as a preventive service worthy of support according to §20 SGB V (German Social Code) and is included in the catalog of preventive services of the statutory health insurance funds. Those with statutory health insurance are reimbursed for part of the course fee. Please contact your health insurance company in advance for more information on the amount of cost sharing. At the end of the workshop, you will receive a certificate of attendance which you can use to apply to your health insurance company for a subsidy towards the course fee.

“Calm and Confident under Stress” is recognized and eligible for funding under §3, 34 EStG, i.e. the promotion of employee health is supported for tax purposes. A company can claim up to 500 Euros per employee and per calendar year free of wage tax for measures of workplace health promotion.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please send me a message or give me a call. I will be happy to provide you with a target group-specific, individual offer.

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