Life’s a climb,
but the view is great!

Individual consulting
for people in a process of change

I will support and guide you in the process of difficult private or professional decision and problem situations so that you will recognize your strengths and possibilities as resources, to value them and to use them systematically.

I will help you to recognize your needs, to articulate your own desires and motives and thus to increase your well-being.

I will show you how to develop goals in a way that they are supported by your overall personality and thus have the best chance of being realized in a self-determined and goal-oriented manner.


Each person brings his or her own unique story to the counseling session. There is no standard recipe for happiness. That’s why we take time to develop a strategy tailored specifically for you.


Because of years of experience I am able to quickly recognize typical patterns and analyze unique situations individually and efficiently. Together we develop interesting alternatives, new ideas and viable options for you.


In order to make the consultation ideal for you in terms of time, I am flexible (24/7). I am available in person, by phone or online – because for the consultation it is important that you feel comfortable in the environment of your choice.

“Simply accepting you the way you are and constructively addressing the issue with a new, fresh perspective – that’s one of my strengths.”

Stefan Lentrodt, MD

My range of services:

  • professional support during private and professional changes
  • recognizing your needs and requirements & implementing them
  • finding a healthy work-life balance for you
  • using crises as opportunities
  • building up individual stress competence, burnout prevention
  • increasing happiness

My concept:

  1. resource- and solution-oriented consulting
  2. addressing the problem in conversation
  3. holistic problem analysis
  4. inspiration and motivation
  5. developing effective goals
  6. implementing results in a constructive and goal-oriented way


Breaking new grounds – take the first step!